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Not keen for that part of it, it's going to hurt. I was going to say, "Cue Blackplauge. Hey dude! My best mate works for Valley Mall Tattoo not to be confused with valley Ink - they're awesome to!

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Suss his latest stuff at the shop or just on the gram and hit up kiddotatto. Generally speaking wherever you go you're going to pay a premium for such a small design. It would take them longer to set up then it would to tattoo, It's not worth someones time to tattoo something that small unless they charge you more. Except an hour rate despite it taking 5 minutes. I'd recommend Ash McIntyre at Tattoo. The dude loves Harry Potter, he won't just tattoo you and take your money but he'll work with you to make sure your deathly hallows tattoo is original and suited to you. Speaking on a personal level, I have a Deathly Hallows tattoo but it's in among a lot of other work.

Your shoulder is a good bit of real estate to waste on such a small tattoo. If you're planning on getting more work done in the future focus on the bigger pieces first and then come back and do the small gimmicky, nostalgia tattoos. It's good that you've put so much thought into permanently marking your body with something so meaningful and you're being so practical and sensible about weighing up the price vs end result.

I can tell this will be something you are proud to look at every day for the rest of your life. Once you're done with that the logical next step is body mods. How about a perspex window on either side of your skull so people can shine a hi lumens LED thru the vacuum and do a little shadow puppet play involving barking dogs and little bunny rabbits? Hi 5 bro.

Welcome to Reddit,

Harry Potter has been a big part of my life, I grew up with the books for starters and when I started university I joined the uni's quidditch club which I became president and then secretary of. I have met the majority of my friends all of whom are amazing people through quidditch and even my life partner, none of which would have happened if J. Rowling had not written those amazing books. The Deathly Hallows symbol has become a worldwide symbol of everything that has come of those books and I happen to think it's a rather nice looking symbol too.

I would be proud to have it on me permanently. I have been thinking about getting it for at least two years and have chosen the placement carefully. I work in health care so chose my shoulder as a place that can easily be covered up when I'm working.

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It's also an area that won't stretch as much as, for example, my torso area, if I put on weight and as I age so is less likely to warp. I have had it dyed on in henna several times so I know what it will look like and be sure I'm happy with placement etc. I realise tattoos are not for everyone and you are entitled to your own opinion.

However that is no reason for you to make little of this thoroughly thought out decision I have made about my own body. I made this post in an attempt to gather honest advice so I can make an informed decision about who I should allow to put this into my skin. This is not an appropriate place for you to suggest ridiculous things like tattoos are a gateway drug to sticking windows in peoples heads.

Please don't feel like you need to prove anything to that dickhead. I've got a few tattoos that some people would think make no sense, but I couldn't give less of a fuck.

I got them for me, the symbolism is important to me, and if anyone wants to bitch about it, it's easier just to laugh - know-it-alls are a constant source of entertainment. You are getting a harry potter tattoo. You are an idiot. Which makes my point moot. I've changed my mind.

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I think that tattoo will suit you perfectly. And i disagree with your assertion that tattoos aren't for everyone. Here you'll find updates on upcoming events as well as news straight from our tattoo studio. Offering 6 Full time artists, 2 apprentices, Pool table whilst you wait and more Guest Spots Welcome.

Scorpion Tattoo and Piercing. All Rights Reserved. Shop 4, Anzac Ave, Kallangur, This Starburst emblem was created for the tour and album and is the tattoo and Larry has on his left shoulder. A must have for any U2 fan. Brand new never read Pick up only from Calamvale. All brand new except medium ash used once and dark blonde used twice Beautiful designs for every occasions.

Specialised in bridal and party henna. Home wanting to save time in the morning!

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Anyone who has patchy, over plucked, sparse or no shape to the eyebrows! Lasts years wiith yearly colour refreshes!

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The procedure it's self: - takes about 2 and a half hours - we use medical grade anasthetics - forms. Picked up from a tattoo shop. Good condition Pick up George street Brisbane city Valhalla tattoo.

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